Walkable Community is Stirring Interest

Today was interesting from several different angles. One – Jerry Lackey, an agriculture journalist and retired farm broadcaster from San Angelo called to get information on the “Walkable Community Project.” Jerry writes and publishes “Windmill Country” three times per week in the San Angelo and Abilene newspaper. James Murr, our former Mayor, had sent him information on the “Walkable Community Project” and Jerry called to get additional information for his column. Jerry wants to write about the project.

In addition, I had serval e-mails from people who had logged onto the junctionrivers.com website and were responding to “The Walkable Community” webpage. Some from as far away as Dallas. It seems like the concept of a walkable community and sustainability has struck a nerve with a number of people.

This evening I had telephone conversation with a couple that are doing their homework in preparing to commit to a “Walkable Community” business.

This is exciting! Not only is it a viable concept, but because it is doable. I suspect that with a little luck – we are on our way to seeing a walkable community in Junction.

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