Economics of a Walkable Community

Let me share some thoughts on the economics of a walkable community.  My home is approximately 15 miles from Junction.  My pickup gets 15 miles per gallon.  A gallon of gas today cost $3.07 in Junction.  A round trip from the ranch property to town and back cost me approximately  $6.14.  I make the trip every day and on somedays make 2 trips.  On an annual basis this adds up to a least $2,241 per year for fuel.

I am told that gasoline could hit the $5/gallon mark very soon, possibly this year.  When gas hits the $5 /gallon mark the economics of a round trip changes dramatically.  My annual fuel cost increases to approximately $3,650 per year.  If I live and work in a “Walkable Community” that cost goes away.

Secondly, let’s look at the price of electrical energy.  I just received the January bill from Perdernales Electric.  My electric bill for January was $476.42.  I used 4,670 kWh at $.06506 per kWh.  January was an extremely cold month and I ran heaters in the house, barn, and guest quarters 24 hours/day to keep pipes from freezing.  January was not a typical month but it illustrates our desire to become less dependent on the electrical grid.

Our plans for living in a “Walkable Community” include two fundamental changes in life-style.  One -reduce our dependence on automobiles.  Two – make the move to alternative energy such as wind and solar.  We plan on using Structural Insulated Panels  (SIP) in the house and winery.  I will insert a photo of a SIP in this post so you can see how they are made.  We are currently working on making wind generators and solar heating panels to use at the Kennel, Winery and House. Slowly, we will move toward less and less dependence upon the electrical grid.

Jeanie and I encourage others to make this move with us.  Living and working in a “Walkable Community,” reducing dependence upon traditional energy sources and using green technology.  This is not an easy decision to make, but the concept is right, the time right and the place is right.

See ya at the Junction Rivers Winery ~

Joe King

Structural Insulaed Panels:

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