Business can be fun

I have worked as President and Chief Operating Officer for a large company and have owned a number of my own businesses.  Today working for a large corporation is not fun.   There is a constant pressure to improve the bottom line.  Cash flow is the order of the day.  To meet the demands of Wall Street you must increase revenue by acquisitions or by increased pricing.  The pressure on corporations demands growth.

Owning your own business is not easy but the only one you have to please is yourself.  Sometimes building a business is fun and rewarding.  Currently we are running radio ads throughout the Texas Hill County for dog training.  You can listen to our radio ad by logging on to and clicking on Radio Ad .  Ed Chandler is a DJ from the Ranch Radio Station in Kerrville.  Ed has a morning radio program and has a wide and loyal following.  Ed has sent us his dog Mojo for training.  Every day Ed is going to call the King-Care Pet Center for live updates on how Mojo is doing.  We are posting daily videos of Mojo’s progress on our website.  You can check out Mojo’s progress by logging on to and then clicking on Mojo’s Progress.  Check out Mojo’s videos.  I just posted one on Mojo’s week 1 progress for the week.  It is  a funny video and was fun to do.

This is what I mean when I said, business can be fun !  I hope that you will join us in the “Walkable  Community Project” by developing your own business in Junction.

See ya at the Junction Rivers Winery ~

Joe King

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