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Nearly there!

August is coming to a close and I am happy to report that the Junction Rivers Winery & Bistro is nearly ready for wine tastings and noshing.  The winery itself is completed and we are making wine from various Texas grapes. The drought and heat have taken their toll on this year’s crop and we have been chasing all over the State to pick up and in some cases, help pick and weigh grapes.

It’s true that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. We purchased a second pickup truck, a used one with a big bad boy diesel engine to tow the new 18′ trailer and tons of grapes. Little did we know that the air conditioner needed to be replaced – until, that is, we took possession of  the truck so we could leave the next day. We drove 6+ hours to a vineyard between Austin and Houston, in 110 degrees, windows down, guzzling ice water and praying for a breath of air.  I dubbed it the Hotter than Hell on Wheels Grape Tour. And it was.  But interestingly, we decided to make it part of the adventure and not to get stressed. Actually I think we were too wilted to get stressed!

The next Saturday afternoon we started out for a vineyard just south of the Oklahoma border, air conditioner blasting  and within an hour, the truck sputtered to a stop.  Turns out the front fuel tank gauge didn’t work and we got vapor lock. After a few minor miracles in rescue and repair, we were back on the road. Honestly, Joe and I had to laugh and say, “We can either get upset or we can relax and bless the grapes, the vineyards and owners, the truck and whole process.” We decided to relax and have fun.

Back to the winery/bistro. This week we will drive to Dallas to pick up furniture for the bistro and some kitchen equipment and the intention is to have the Wine Tasting Room open by next weekend. … Or Labor Day. :) )  My new motto is “Arbitrary deadlines can be changed.”

Our wines for this year are already bottled and just waiting to be delivered. We have had a number of meetings with our chef/consultant about designing a simple and  delicious menu.

Please stay tuned. Things are really starting to roll now!