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Garage conversion in France – perfect for our community

Below you will see a link to an ingenious conversion – a tiny 431 sq. ft. dark garage in Bordeaux, France is turned into a light, airy and beautifully workable space.
With no running water, very little electricity and a historical ordinance against touching the roof, a wonderful living space with sliding doors, a beautiful patio and everything one needs was created.
I can envision similar conversions or newly built structures in Junction – perhaps a number of small houses in a circle on some empty lots. Add parking in the back, a community garden in the middle of the circle,. golf cart and walking paths and you have instant neighborhoods.
And if one were to build using SIP (structurally insulated panels) such as our winery and bistro have been constructed from, add a small solar panel, wind turbine and water collection system, one could be off the grid. Our winery is built of SIP and even with keeping it a chilly 60 degrees and cooling the bistro area during the hot summer months, the electricity bill is startlingly tiny!! ┬áIt’s amazing.
An exciting development – I saw my first street legal golf cart yesterday on a street near our house. Thank you, City of Junction, for passing that ordinance.
I invite you to consider bringing your ideas, talent and families to Junction to help us create a Walkable Community concept that really works. We need your energy, new businesses, families of all ages and a willingness to do things together.
The winery and bistro is weeks away from opening – we are thrilled at the enthusiasm and people stopping by to buy wine out of our cases and visit. Please stop by when you can. And I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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