Urban Living in…downtown Junction?

There has been a lot of community and business leader interest in the revitalization of downtown Junction. And one of the ideas being floated is that of converting old buildings to a mixed use purpose. See the article link below about the old post office in downtown Dallas now being used as apartments and lofts.


You’ve heard the line “Everything old is new again” no doubt and it seems as if a trend to urban living is taking hold throughout our nation. This trend has been more evident in large cities such as Dallas, San Francisco and New York City, but is beginning to show up in smaller towns as well.

Traditionally in the last half century, many people in the United States have moved to suburban housing to rear children and enjoy life, but this was not always the case. Immigrants to the East Coast and westward originally set up shops with housing in the same units in order to be close to their businesses and neighbors.  This concept lost favor over the years as people became more financially successful and longed for open yards, recreation and separate single family houses.

With high fuel costs impacting commuting from home to job and more ‘empty-nesters’ feeling isolated in big suburban houses, a groundswell of interest in a walkable community atmosphere is emerging.

We in Junction have the perfect opportunity to expand this concept. First, the town is rather small and easy to navigate. We have two rivers and plenty of recreation opportunities including kayaking (the fastest growing sport in America), fishing, hunting, birding, hiking, camping and much more.

Using our existing structures in a new way is not only smart, it is eminently do-able. There have been a number of meetings recently with business owners, citizens and community leaders to explore ways to create a vibrant atmosphere with goods and services and great people interaction. We invite your ideas and solicit input from people who have interest in building this Walkable Community concept with all of us.

In the past month, four new businesses have opened including a new hospital, a doughnut franchise, a Chinese take out and our winery. Joe and I are thrilled at the prospect of revitalization. Come see the changes in Junction!


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