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Progress Report

The following post is a progress report on the walkable community concept:

We are moving forward with a number of Walkable Community components.  Dr. Greg Bogard and I are  working on building wind generators and solar heating panels for the house on 8th street, the winery and the kennel.   Jeanie and I have floor plans for the building on 8th street and for the Junction Rivers Winery.  We have applied for a  federal license for the winery and will follow that with state licensing requirements.  We have quotes on building costs, pad estimates, plumbing, electrical, and winery equipment.  I have hired a winemaker for the winery.

The building on 8th street is 2 blocks from the winery, kennel and clinic.  Jeanie and I are determined to move away from our dependence upon the electrical grid and supply a majority of  our power needs using wind and solar energy.  This project is not only  a vision of a Walkable Community but also of a Green Community.  We are encouraging others to follow our lead on using alternative energy and living within a walkable distance of their business.  This will allow us to move away from our total dependence on automobiles.  We hope that others will grasp the vision and join us in making this vision reality.

In the days ahead we will be posting floor plans of the winery, progress reports on our alternative energy initiatives, and photos and videos displaying the beauty of Junction.  The website has a photo and video album of Junction. We will be posting photos and videos of our progress as we move forward. We have had comments from people as far away as North Carolina on the Walkable Community concept.  The idea is right, the time is right and the place is right.

There are a number of people reading this blog and the entire concept is drawing attention to the validity of the Walkable Community Project. We welcome your comments and thoughts.

Joe King


Texas Wine Wins Gold in USA Competition

Check out the following link to the Houston Examiner –

Texas Wine has great potential.  The Junction Rivers Winery plans to capture the growing demand for Texas Wine.  With a little luck the winery could be operational within 6 months.  Not only do we plan on making wine – but even more – making great wine as part of the walkable community concept.

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When does vision become reality?

When does something become real? In the case of a great building the building becomes real when it is conceived in the architects mind. Not when he puts plans on a sheet of paper, or when construction workers start the building process, or when the architect hands the keys to the front door to the owner.

When does the Walkable Community project become real? It already is! It has been conceived the minds of a few of us who are in the habit of making visions reality.


The Vision

Jeanie and I are working on a project we have named  the “Junction Walkable Community Project.”  Our vision is simple yet profound in its concept.  The concept is to build a community of people who live and work in the same area.  Junction is an ideal setting.  Property is affordable.   The Junction business area has been neglected  for many years and our vision is to see it revitalized and renovated  by creating an ecologically friendly walkable community. This area is located at the junction of two rivers, the North and South Llano.  Kimble County has more running water than any other county in Texas.  The slogan for Junction is “The Land of Living Waters.”

What makes this an ideal community for a sustainability project?  Affordability, low housing cost,  and the added benefit of more  than 9000 vehicles per average weekday traversing  the Interstate near the exit for Junction.   The town and state park are  approximately 90 minutes west of San Antonio on Interstate 10.  Approximately 60,000 visitors per year visit the South Llano Sate Park.  There are 245 motel rooms  available with an occupancy rate of almost 50%.  Junction is located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country and is a major site for eco-tourism, birders,  naturalists, hunters and fishermen.  Construction is currently underway for a new hospital and medical complex. Beginning in 2011 more than 10,000 baby-boomers per day will reach 65 years of age and many are  looking for a safe, ecological friendly, and sustainable community to  settle in.  This trend will continue for the next 2 decades. In addition, many younger people, some with children,  would like to simplify their lives.  Junction meets all the criteria for safety, abundance of natural resources, great weather, natural beauty, friendly people and sustainability.

Jeanie and I are putting feet to our plans.  We are remodeling an existing building to live in that is within two blocks of the King-Care Pet Center and the future site of the Junction Rivers Winery and Bistro. We are researching energy efficient building options so we can minimize our ecological footprint. Fuel prices will continue to climb and we are working toward  building a safe community that we can live in, shop in, and is within walking distance of most services.   We encourage others to research this option and join us in this exciting adventure. You can follow our progress through this blog or the